About the Team

Abram Siegel-Rivers

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer – One Day

Abram grew up in a multicultural home in the San Francisco Bay area. In high school, he discovered a passion for music as a creative outlet for his self-expression. He eventually started a band in college, The Voodoo Fix, and toured with them across the US and Europe for over 13 years. His varied experiences as a touring musician opened Abram up to a path of self-discovery.

After years of touring and recording, he journeyed through an existential inquiry, asking himself, “Who am I?,” “Why am I,” and “Why bother?”. It was at the end of 2019 when he discovered his calling, and the One Day vision and nonprofit was born. One Day is based in Nashville, TN and after launching in early 2020 it has opened up offices in Saskatchewan, Canada and Chennai, India.

Abram is committed to empowering individuals and building communities through music, art, culture, and events. His commitment to peace and transformation has resulted in the #OneDayIsToday movement and the One Day global holiday. He has hosted over 50 virtual stages and ha s interviewed more than 100 guests including top authors (Jill Lublin , Elinor Stutz , Patrick Long , Colleen Biggs) , musicians (Paul Lloyd Warner) , Olympic athletes (Sherry Winn) , poets (Stephen Wing) , actors (Kevin E.West, Ronald Fox) , inspirational entrepreneurs (Tom Kearin) , artists, storytellers, and many more.

Abram is a prolific songwriter and has recently written the anthem for One Day due to be released in 2020. Proceeds from his upcoming album will go to supporting and raising awareness for the efforts of the One Day nonprofit.

Abram resides in Nashville, Tennessee where he enjoys creating and pursuing beauty , gardening , serving the will of his three cats, and feeding his recent addiction to swing dancing.

” Today is the day instead of playing it safe , I can choose to enter into that space to be willing to face the chaos in front of my face , God is giving me grace , all the pain and disgrace

goes away and I can”t help but embrace the possibility and fill in that page to create a new reality I never knew could take place.”- August 6th 2019.

Dr. Sathyan Gopalan


Dr. Sathyan Gopalan, a.k.a. ‘Satya,' is a businessman and philanthropist with decades of experience in the hospitality industry. Satya has an American Hotel and Motel Association Degree in Catering Technology, a Masters in Yoga and Naturopathy, and a PhD in Psychosomatics. His involvement in the hospitality industry goes back 20 years to when he founded Sunshine Café in Tiruvannamalai in South India. Since then, he has founded Tiruvannamalai’s most popular boutique hotel, Sunshine Guesthouse, which caters to a Western audience.

Satya also serves as a Director at the Sri Ramana Maharishi herbal remedies in Tiruvannamalai and is also the founder of the Global WATCHE Trustin india and is also founder of a web development company, Levicent.

With homes in both India and Nashville, Sathya is a jet-setter and make frequent trips to india to takecare of his guesthouse and various charitable endeavors. His broad travel experience and background living in both India and America positions him perfectly to understand how one culture can influence others. His interpersonal skills with people from all countries and all backgrounds give him a unique insight into his field of service.

Quote from Sathya sums up his life policy in one sentence. "Always everyone's happiness first and before mine, that is My Happiness. Help All and Serve All - that is my pleasure.

Judy Feldhausen

Vice President

Judy Feldhausen has been helping people build their dreams as a certified coach for more than a decade and is also a Certified Seminar Leader. Her corporate employment ranges from electronics to cosmetics- working in customer service, sales and marketing for Fortune 100 companies. As a Distributor Sales Manager, she traveled throughout the country teaching and training Electronic Sales. She believes that donating her time is an important part of her life. She has held positions as treasurer, vice president of the Streamwood Chamber of Commerce. And named businessperson of the year. Judy has been president of the Kiwanis Club of Streamwood Foundation and former LieutenantGovernor of Division 8.

Her former service on the Planning Commission inStreamwood allowed her to help the community develop responsibly. as a member of the Natural Resource Conservancy Commission she focuses on making Streamwood a "greener" Community. She sits on the board of the RSDF Foundation , helping parents eliminate stress with their children.

Her highest honors are being named Illinois Woman of Achievement and recognized in the Cambridge Who'sWho , Because of her own family history of Cardio Vascular disease , she has been given the opportunity to help make a difference in helping to reduce what is now become the number one killer of men and women world wide - Heart Disease. She founded the Cardio Wellness group whose mission is to eliminate heart disease using heart rate variability and nitric oxide therapy protocol.

Heather Schoen


A 50 year veteran of Broadcasting, Journalism, Communications, Media/Crisis Management, and Federal Public Service. Also proficient in the ontological study of what it means to be a human being. A student and leader in the distinctions of transformation. Travelled extensively throughout the United States on business And representing the Federal government, ie., The White House, (EPA) U.S Environmental Protection Agency (FEMA). Has public relations and event planning company. Ms.Schoen also coaches women and men on how to make a difference in their lives, and others.

SCHOEN AND COMPANY - 2012- PRESENT - Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Founder and President: Produces and manages public relations, promotions, creating content, and publicity events. Proving life coaching in the area of making a difference in your life and others. Managing the publication of Ms.Schoen's upcoimng inspiring book of fiction about what's possible for human beings, "Learning to Dance Underwater , " a science fiction / fantasy novel to be published March 2021.

LANDMARK WORLD WIDE 1984-Present -New York Seattle, WDC and Ft.Lauderdale Media Director for founder, Werner Erhard , responsible for all media requests, the marketing of the organizations programs and scheduling of media vents. While working on staff, I was responsible for the enrollment of guests into the first satellite event , the “Symposium” that was deliverd to over 50,000 peolple all over the world.

In addition responsible for enrolling guests in The Forum and all other programs and Events held during my tenure on staff.
THE HUNGER PROJECT – 1987 – 1990 – Global Office – New York, New York Executive Media Director to Joan Holmes, President of The Hunger Project. Responsible for all media contacts, press releases, press conferences, events and development of resources for the growth of the organization including fundraising. Created and designed collateral media materials for the 1987 ” Africa Prize for Leadership.” Supported the design of the award given to African leadership for sustainable development in Africa.


Theodore “Ted” Wilhelm


Theodore “Ted” Wilhelm is an Engineer Liaison at a company that builds barges. There he works closely with the project manager, quality director, and production to ensure contracts stay on schedule, verify the design is being properly executed, and document any changes that occur throughout the contract.

He was born and raised in a small town in NW Pennsylvania. Growing up he enjoyed spending summers at his grandparent’s cottage on Chautauqua Lake in New York where he learned to water ski and created endless memories with his family. During the winter he loved to go whitetail deer hunting with his father and take trips with the high school ski club to snowboard at Holiday Valley in New York. He went to school at Pittsburgh Technical College where he earned an Associate’s Degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design.

Currently Ted lives in Nashville, TN with his dog Sage. In his free time he enjoys yoga, hiking/backpacking, gardening, and volunteering with various things in the community.

Nadene Joy

International Director of Canada

CEO of Nadene Joy Consulting, Chair/Founder of The Lead 2 Impact Summit, International Best Selling Author, CEO/ Co-Founder of Working Wellness, CMHA Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor

Primarily Focus on: Program Development, Mental Health Training, Women, children and Minority Empowerment, and Preservation of Nature for future generations. Nadene Joy is a true exemplary leader who is extremely passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others globally and in the One Day mission including that “your destiny can be born in life’s darkest moments.” She is a visionary, mother, daughter, sister and friend and has overcome much over the course of her lifetime. She is extremely dedicated, hard working and doesn't want to see anyone suffering and always there to extend a helping hand to those in need. She is fervently devoted to conclusive mental health education, empowerment and the transformation of society as a whole, Nadene Joy was aptly named as her God-given mission in life to bring greater hope, joy, faith and love into the hearts of many rebuilding communities.

As a parenting coach, life coach, business coach and leadership consultant as well as a certified NLP Practitioner and CMHA Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, Nadane Joy has successfully consulted with and coached thousands of families, individuals, businesses and top leaders globally. She also sits on various Boards as Director at MayBell Developments, the Communications Director at ICF Saskatchewan, is an Ambassador for Food For The Hungry Canada and an advisor for Coaching Suicide Awareness.

Distinguished Author:

•”Uncover Your Purpose: Heal and Share Your Your Gifts With the World”
•”Love Can Bring Peace and Happiness”

Mother Theresa University

Co-authored by Dr. N. Prabhakaran and Dr. Vijaya Saraswathy

#1 International Research Paper Awarded to Nadene Joy Presented on the Topic:

“Can Love Bring Peace and Happiness During Setbacks and Uncertain Times?”

•”Cracking The Rich Code: Vol. 4”
Co-authored with Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington the original shark on the hot TV show Shark Tank
“Strategies to Help Transform Business Professionals That are Stuck” -Nadene Joy

Nadene Joy has an inherent interest providing effective long lasting solutions to help others. She witnesses first hand what it looks like from overcoming trauma and destruction through the journey forward of transformation and breaking multigenerational ancestral patterns back to hope, love, peace, and living life each day, in each moment with meaningful purpose and the reward of finally being set free by reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. One step at a time anything is possible if your heart’s desire for real long lasting change takes precedence not only for you but for all the thousands of generations that follow suit after you.

One of the concepts Nadene Joy believes wholeheartedly is that starting now, every time you think about how you wish you could do something “one day”, make a choice and a commitment to take one step that will get you closer to that something TODAY and begin to live your life in each moment with no regrets

“Your life is all about everyone whose life you touch and the way in which you touch it. It’s about extending greater love and kindness for all and serving humanity in the greatest possible way you know how- it all starts with you and something so small and simple as a smile.” -Nadene Joy

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Siva Kumar

International Director of India

Sivakumar Thiruvengadam a.k.a Siva is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with vide experience in the field of housing & banking services.  Siva has a degree in sociology & financial management.  

He has served as a managerial position for two decades in the leading housing finance company in India.  Has got wide contacts with all types of people's hails from various walks of life.  He has counseled and helped many number of downtrodden people who finds difficult in servicing their loans and given solutions via micro finance to come out from their problems.

Later, he came out and now ventured into fashion industry and doing it successfully. His helping nature particularly towards women development and child welfare to make their life meaningful.

Life without love is like a flower without fragrance.

Jackalyn Rainosek


Management Consultant, Coach and Facilitator of Learning to Organizations

Certified Master with The Leadership Challenge. Visionary with training as a Certified Dream Coach, Developer and Implementer of Diversity and Social Responsibility Programs, Expert in Developing Advanced Trans formative Approaches to maximize human potential for the benefit of organizations.

Developer and Implementer of Diversity and Social Responsibility Programs, which ingrains into the organizational systems inclusion, diversity and social justice concepts, and moves participants through stages to create a socially just work environment.

Expert in Developing Advanced Transformative Approaches to maximize human potential for the benefit of organizations.

  • At board level - coaching and consulting with the CEO and Board
  • Modifying patterns of behavior that impede corporate progress – facilitating the development of senior managers and executives to modify attitudes that are holding them and the organization back
  • Developing consulting and coaching - to improve individual and/or team performance
  • Process improvements - optimizing organizational effectiveness
  • Management of human assets to achieve corporate goals and ensure the execution of strategy throughout all levels of the organization—sensitive to the need to optimize the bottom line while recognizing the human resources of the organization

Thousands of clients: individual; management teams; small, medium and large corporations; educational institutions; community-development boards; legislative action-oriented organizations, and governmental organizations.

Education and Affiliations
Ph.D., Counseling and Educational Psychology, Texas A&M University

M.Ed., Counseling and Guidance, Southwest Texas State University
B.A., Government and Sociology, University of Texas

Published Author

“You Can Fight It,” which was published in 2018 is a book designed to help readers discover their natural physical, mental, emotional and spiritual power. http://dtp-leadership.com/health-wellness/

Professional Experience

DTP-Leadership Group, LLC (DTP), Co-Owner, August 2015 – present, Houston, TX Focus: Teaching clients how to lead themselves in order to lead others more effectively. Proprietary online assessment tool: We have the unique capacity to change the habitual patterns of individuals, teams, and organizations, using the online assessment that identifies specific behaviours that create conflict in a system. Clients include major corporations, government departments, and family-owned businesses, from the oil, gas, and chemical industry, health-care; education; building industry; law firms; non-profits; retail; advertising; city, county and state governments for courts; libraries, parks, and recreation departments; publication industry; financial institutions; insurance industry; aerospace; telecommunications, and transportation industry. (Additional details and success stories available on request.)

Organizational Development Accomplishments

The Student Leadership Challenge program is another program provided at the university. A Diversity Initiative has been formulated for the campus by Dr. Rainosek from DTP-Leadership Group, LLC, the Chief Academic Officer, and a distinguished faculty member, who will chair the initiative. Dr. Rainosek and Jowell Lydon of DTP have designed, facilitated, collaborated with the chair of the initiative and a staff member, and provided a 5-day Diversity and Social Responsibility program to a select group of faculty and staff.

Non-profit Organization that Provides Services for Galveston and Houston Archdioceses: Discussion with the CEO of the organization lead to the development of a plan to implement The Leadership Challenge Program throughout the organization. The decision was made to start with the Executive team with the Two Day LPI/TLC program, a 10-session coaching program, and the LPI reassessment when the program is finished for this group. Due to hurricane Harvey, the program was interrupted; however, it is on track for the executive team to finish in 2019.

Arion Jay “AJ” Goodwin – BOD

Management of human assets to achieve corporate goals and ensure the execution of strategy throughout all levels of the organization—sensitive to the need to optimize the bottom line while recognizing the human resources of the organization

Sophia Olivas


International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Philanthropist, and Socially Conscious Entrepreneur

  • Co-Founder - 1WorldNow LLC
  • CEO of GreyThorn Marketing Co-Founder Utopia Smart City
  • Full-stack web developer since 1997
  • United Nations Rep Candidate
Sophia Olivas is a passionate leader and visionary, who speaks such that people stop, they listen, and they hear possibility for themselves and then boldly take action.

Before the age of 25, Sophia Olivas was a real estate investor, owned a tech company, had raised $30 million in 28 days for a corporate entertainment company she founded, and had launched an online banking project for a Top 5 financial institution. Since the early 90s, Sophia has been a technology innovator as the owner of GreyThorn Marketing, a web development company with a global portfolio. She is now a principal of a hedge fund that invests in blockchain technology and she works on Smart Technology and Green Energy projects.

She is an International Speaker and Co-Author of the best-selling books “When I Rise, I Thrive” and “Manifestations”. Sophia is a United Nations Association Candidate for the 2020 Rocky Mountain Region. She is on the Advisory board for tech and community ventures, such as One Day. Sophia is frequently featured in the media, including interviews on Wake Up America, 365 Days of Awesome, ShineON, Breakthrough and Thrive, and Wholistic Living, speaking about technology and women’s financial sovereignty.

Sophia is an avid traveler, having solo backpacked over 30 countries, picking up a few languages along the way. In 2011, she met the Dalai Lama, starting her on a path of self- discovery, global awareness and philanthropy. From that experience, she co-founded the Hope Project and speaks about how when women are financially solvent, poverty is eradicated, violence is alleviated, and mental health is bolstered.

Sophia is committed to living a life of purpose on purpose, such that she impacts and contributes to the evolution of humanity. She is also known as a butterfly chaser, tree climber, kite flyer that cartwheels barefoot on soft grass, with an infectious wanderlust glow.