Being Greater Together


The One Day movement recognizes and focuses on the shared humanity and possibility in each other as participants play together to create a better world for us all. The One Day organization’s primary activities are focused on community building through community-sourced art, music, culture and events.

What could be possible if we made a habit of focusing on our shared humanity instead of on our differences? What if we decided to seek to collaborate with our own unique genius, gifts, passions, and talents to contribute to something greater than ourselves? What scientific discoveries could we make together? What artistic and musical masterpieces could we create together? What diseases would we cure together? What new recipes could we create?

What could happen when we see a possibility—not the labels or the false narrative—in our neighbors? What world would be left for our grandchildren when we enable our children of every color and creed to create and play together on the playground, especially when we disagree? What could happen when every day we choose to make peace louder than fear and hate?

We are a growing team of collaborators, each sharing our gifts and unique genius to create a sandbox of new and unimaginable realms of possibility in which we are enriched by the unity in our diversity.


One Day is a Global Movement

One Day is a nonprofit organization and social movement based in Nashville, Tennessee, founded by community artist and musician Abram Siegel-Rivers. The One Day movement is focused on individual and community participation in shared human connection. We seek to see and cultivate possibility in each other through:

  • Unity Holiday celebrations worldwide.
  • Dynamic creative projects.
  • Community-sourced artwork
  • Engaging conversations
  • Musical production & performances
  • Creative community-building events,
  • Framework and model for annual holiday festival, experiencing & celebrating unity in our diversity.
  • Elements, the Vision of One Day :

    Annual One Day Holiday Celebration in cities around the world Children’s activities
    Fireworks Interracial and multifaith programs: penn-pals, music improvisation, dialogue dinners, etc.
    Visual Arts, Film, Music, & Dance Cross-cultural awareness and acceptance programs and campaigns
    Community-sourced artwork Storytelling
    Unity Parades “One Brew” local brewery collaborations
    Cross-cultural musical and artistic collaborations International cross-cultural foods
    Community-building programs, collaborations, and wellness events worldwide Holiday Franchise Development
    Group health & wellness activities, workshops What do you bring to the table?


    Children and adults of every creed and color joining together to play, create, think, imagine, and collaborate. The One Day holiday is an open sandbox bringing the global community to a higher level of collaboration, and unprecedented new realms of possibility.

    One Day holiday events in cities and communities worldwide, building bridges and uniting a diverse array of communities. This sets the table for new collaborations and recipes never before conceived. Scientific discoveries never imagined. Cures to diseases never thought possible. An abundance of artistic and musical masterpieces. As our communities provide water and Sun for the seeds of the One Day organization and movement, we all reap the benefits. These are the fruits and flowers of our shared human connection.