The 2020 Nashville Tornado – A community lifts itself up when disaster strikes

By: Dee Ellmann Here is an example of One Day closer to home in Nashville which will be the first city where the movement takes place. Nashville singer and songwriter Gretchen Peters writes about the volunteer spirit and altruism that make Nashville a special place to live. Remembering the catastrophic floods of 2010, she writes: […]

Narrative 4

“Our goal is to achieve a sense of fearless hope through radical empathy.” Colum McCann, Author (Apeirogon, Let the Great World Spin) and Co-founder of Narrative 4) By: Dee Ellmann

The Kindness Diaries

“Kindness is the best medicine.” A homeless man’s sign on Hollywood Boulevard. By: Dee Ellmann

Magical Bridge Playground

“Our dream is that we no longer have to use the words “inclusive” or “accessible” when building something as vital as a playground.” Olenka Villareal, Founder, Magical Bridge Foundation By: Dee Ellmann

A “One Day” Story

“If loneliness is the disease, the story is the cure.” Richard Ford By: Dee Ellmann