One Day Logo

The One Day organization focuses on community building and activation through music, art, culture, and events. We are also creating a new global holiday that celebrates our shared human connection, focusing on the humanity and possibility in our neighbors.


Our mission: Bringing you and me, and communities together in joyous celebration, unifying humanity in our diversity, to create a better world for us all.


Our vision: Humanity rises in a connected world where each person’s unique contributions are valued and magnified through collaboration, producing breakthroughs, and new realms of possibility.


Your donation will impact the following:

      Grants for community projects

      Youth music programs 

      Heal The World Festival & World Tour

      Global “One Day” Holiday: 3rd Saturday in May

      Virtual Stage

      Community-sourced artwork

      Interfaith Soup Kitchen

      Kindness Alliance: Empathy campaigns, Anti-bullying campaigns, Dialogue dinners

      Women empowerment resources and activities

      Children development activities/workshops/etc.

And so much more…


Your donation will implement real-time solutions to many of the current challenges faced today by
communities around the globe. 

Be a part of the solution and stand for healing the world:

      One ($1) dollar a day, for one year – $365*

      One ($1) dollar a day, for one month – $30*

      Or the amount of your choice


*Easy cancellation. Stop donating at any time, with a click of a button.